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Hi all,

My daughter asked me to build her a cabinet for her bathroom. The picture she showed me was this one from Restoration Hardware:

She said I could do whatever I wanted as long as it was about this size. So I took some liberties. I’m working on the handles now; its not quite done. Here are some previews:

As you can see, we’re giving Restoration Hardware a run for their money. Definitely in quality. Maybe not so much in time to delivery.

Check back for the finished result!



We’ve been meaning to post about this for a while. Here are some pictures of an Aikido dojo in Maple Park we worked on a while ago.

We designed this based on a dojo in Japan that the owner had a picture of. We love how it turned out!

Happy Friday!


Hi Friends!

That’s right, the 3rd annual Joeman calendar is now available! As usual, all of the proceeds benefit Lazarus House in St. Charles. And also as usual, I guarantee that it will not disappoint. Without giving away too much, my daughter’s favorite month is October and my son-in-law likes March. You’ll have to buy the calendar if you want to end the suspense.

2010 limited edition!

Add a comment to this post or email me if you would like a calendar – I’ll send you one with an envelope for a donation to Lazarus House.


UPDATE: Our calendar sold out right away this year! Look for the Joeman calendar again next year, and get your orders in early!!!

Elvis is in the building…

Huh, huh, Happy New Year, everybody!

We helped another contractor replace a rotted beam for a client.

Here’s a picture of the joinery:


joinery for the new beam

Then we installed a metal cap on the beam so we don’t have the rotting problem again:


beam with metal cap

And hereĀ  is the finished product, the new beam after it was installed:


New beam installed!


close up of the new beam

Until next time!


This week we are working on a bathroom project. We’re installing a new tub. Here’s the framing for the tub deck:


framing the tub deck

This looks like a dog, but its actually the building inspector in a disguise. He didn’t fool us! Luckily we always have treats handy, so he was easy to please.


building inspector - he's a stickler!

In other news, we spotted a bald eagle on the windmill in Batavia! That’s good luck or something, right?!


good luck?

Take it easy!


My son-in-law ran the Chicago marathon this weekend. I got to see him in two places which is a small miracle if you know anything about my attention span watching marathons.

waving the flag at mile 21

waving the flag at mile 21

no sweat!

no sweat!

This month, I took a class in Michigan on stone masonry. It was great! Here we are building a stone wall under a bridge, leading to a barn:

building a stone wall

building a stone wall

I did really well at busting the rocks, but not so good at staying awake in class afterwards.

wide awake!

wide awake!

Keep it real!


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