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Check it out, we won a City of Geneva 2014 Historic Preservation Award for our work on Hamilton Street in Geneva!




From my bat cave to yours!


Here I am with my winning pot of chili. I neglected to mention this in my last post, but I also won this priceless necklace. Also a $25 gift certificate anywhere in Downtown Geneva. So you’ll be seeing me trolling the streets for a while since I have no intention of spending it all in one place.

And here’s the official reward. I shared with a jailhouse chili chef. I’ll be seeing him next year for sure.

Our thanksgiving cup overfloweth.  Happy turkey day, everyone!


This week we’re working on a new bath project. First we put a rubber membrane in the shower to ensure a leak-free base.

No leaks here!

Then we covered the shower walls with a concrete board:

Installing the concrete board in the shower

Our electrical hook up is complete now.

electric work for the bathroom

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday week!


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