Howdy blog readers!

We’ve been keeping something from you. A bathroom we’ve been remodeling. Don’t worry, we didn’t hide it from you intentionally, we’re just that bad at uploading pictures sometimes.

Here’s some before pictures of the bathroom:

Our work included:

  • A new medicine cabinet (we specifically kept this shallow so bottles aren’t getting lost in the back!)
  • New lighting (sconces – our fave!)
  • New granite counter tops
  • New cabinets
  • New sinks and faucets
  • New mirrors

And while we were at it, we replaced the skylight. Here’s before:

And after:

That about wraps that project up! See you in April!


Hey blog readers!

Just in time for spring – an update on the porch we’ve been telling you about! We really like how it turned out.  Have a look at these interior “after” pictures:

Happy March – bring on spring!

Well, blog readers, as you are well aware (thanks in no small part to your Joeman calendar), it is a new year. And 2011 sounds like as good of a year as any to unveil a new internet presence for McMahon Builders (2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010 just didn’t feel right to us for some reason).

So today we are excited to announce the new and redesigned We’ve freshened up the look a bit and changed up some of the pictures, but basically its the same content you are used to, and you’ll always be able to get up-to-the-minute information right here on our trusty little blog. Because we wouldn’t want anyone holding their breath for the latest update on our porch addition.

Visit our new site and let us know what you think! Luckily our webmaster is more or less our internet slave still on the payroll and can make any changes we see fit!

We’re also excited to announce a new advertising venture – we’re running some ads at the Geneva Park District Fitness Center. You can see our ads on their plasma screens. Here’s a preview!

Feelin’ reinvented and reinvigorated,

Hey blog readers!

We’re just touching down from our ski vacation. Hope everyone had a great holiday!

Hey! Who put that sign there? I'm not slow.


It’s that time of year when the chosen few await the arrival of their Joman calendar. Twelve months of a new way of looking at the world. This year we will be presenting only 150 numbered calendars, which are sure to increase in value as the years zip by.

From our sources, we’ve learned that these coveted calendars make excellent gifts. Relatives high on the pecking list, friends of questionable value, just about everyone will be amazed by your thoughtfulness.

Let us remind you: your generous donation goes directly to Lazarus house. All costs are absorbed by McMahon Builders so that our friends at the shelter can distribute the monies as needed. Call/email/comment on this post to order – let’s keep a good thing going!

Many thanks for sharing,


Hey blog readers!

We’re back with more on our minor porch interruption – remember last time we were moving a bay window? Well, here’s the new location:

Enough about the exterior. We’re picking out wood floors for the interior. Here are a few wood samples for consideration:

We love a good thick-planked wood floor!

And just because its so darn cold out, we’ll try to warm you up with a shot of the cozy new fireplace!

We’re warmer already! Happy holidays, everyone!


Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We got a new computer so we’re back up and running.

We’re hard at work on a new porch addition. Here’s the thing: there was a lovely bay window right where we needed to put our new porch. See how lovely?

Our homeowners didn’t want to part with this window, and we wouldn’t either! So part of our work is to move this window to a new location in the house. Its going right here, where the single window is:

We’ve done this plenty of times in our own home. Our neighbors probably remember this fondly. Especially since I recruited them to help me move it. Ah, good times.

Keep it real!

Here I am with my winning pot of chili. I neglected to mention this in my last post, but I also won this priceless necklace. Also a $25 gift certificate anywhere in Downtown Geneva. So you’ll be seeing me trolling the streets for a while since I have no intention of spending it all in one place.

And here’s the official reward. I shared with a jailhouse chili chef. I’ll be seeing him next year for sure.

Our thanksgiving cup overfloweth.  Happy turkey day, everyone!


You might have noticed that we’ve been missing from the blogosphere lately. Well, let’s just say we’re having a few, ahem, technical difficulties over here at Read: I broke my computer. We’re all friends here, so let’s be honest: I don’t know what I’m doing with these newfangled computer things. Most days I can’t even spell computer, let alone use it.

Rest assured, the situation is being remedied, but you’ll have to wait for the latest pictures on our projects since I can’t upload my pictures yet.

In the meantime, I wanted to let all of you know about a few new developments.

  • After years and years of denying my cooking skills, I decided one day to enter a chili contest. Folks, I assure you this was my first time cooking something that didn’t require a grill or microwave. Well, I won! Go figure. Watch out Rick Bayless, my cooking skills have been unleashed!
  • Our calendar is going to the presses soon! If you want to order one, send me an email or comment on this post. As in previous years, any donation for the calendars goes to Lazarus House.

I’ll be back with more pictures when that tall thing that sits next to my computer monitor is fixed. Oh, my daughter says that’s the computer. Hard drive. Whatever, I’m a chef not a techie.


Hi friends,

When we heard about this house in Geneva that never had a door from the garage to the house, we knew we needed to help! What a travesty – especially on cold winter mornings! Enter McMahon Builders to make a service door from the house to the toasty little garage!

Here’s John working on the interior:

And here’s the garage view, complete with a new wooden step:

Almost makes us excited for winter! Almost.


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