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Hey readers!

We have another bathroom remodel to show you. Here’s the bathroom before. The blue fixtures are almost hip again, but this owner was ready to get rid of ’em!

So we set out to remodel just about everything: remove the blue tub, replace the toilet & sink, take out the carpet, put up some new wallpaper, and paint all the trim a bright white. Here’s some in-progress pics of the wallpaper:

And here is the final product: a true boudoir bathroom, fit for a queen!

No more tub!

Our work here is done!

Signing off,


Hey readers!

We’re back reporting on yet another bathroom remodel! This is a sleek one.

Here’s the “new” tub – its actually an old cast iron tub that we had refinished!

The new Corian shower walls and new shower faucets:

Here’s the new toilet. the vanity pictured was also refinished (the same people who refinished the tub!) to match the new toilet. The counter and faucet are new!

And finally – a shot of the new flooring. Its a ceramic wood grain.

Howdy blog readers!

We’ve been keeping something from you. A bathroom we’ve been remodeling. Don’t worry, we didn’t hide it from you intentionally, we’re just that bad at uploading pictures sometimes.

Here’s some before pictures of the bathroom:

Our work included:

  • A new medicine cabinet (we specifically kept this shallow so bottles aren’t getting lost in the back!)
  • New lighting (sconces – our fave!)
  • New granite counter tops
  • New cabinets
  • New sinks and faucets
  • New mirrors

And while we were at it, we replaced the skylight. Here’s before:

And after:

That about wraps that project up! See you in April!

Well, we promised you blog readers more pictures of the finished bathroom remodel, and since we’re not  one to renege on a promise, here you go!

A new shower door, new grout:

A new seat, with a surprise (wait for it…):

Towel storage!

This handy little unit provides heat when you exit the shower as well as shower/bath ventilation. Cozy!

And finally, the new dressing area is complete (with hiding contractor!):

Now that you’ve got your fill of McMahon Builders blogging, you can go out and enjoy this weekend!

We have to interrupt our regularly scheduled blogging about the living room addition to give you an update on the bathroom we’ve been working on.

First, we have a new vanity, mirror, and sconce:

A new gold faucet:

A swanky new chandelier:

A brand new niche for a folding mirror (What, your mirrors don’t have their own niches?! We never!):

A gilded tile cap:

New tub faucet:

Aaannnnd finally….. new windows!

Told ya it was swanky!

Keep cool!

Time for an update on our bath remodel! We are working on putting a new shower door up.

But first things first: they don’t call me Joe “Mr. Clean” McMahon for nothing. We are having the grout steam-cleaned. Its pretty cool – here’s a pic!

We’ll be back tomorrow with some updates for you on the living room addition!


We’re hard at work on a bathroom remodeling project. Here we are dismantling the existing bathroom:

We had to call a glass company to remove the existing mirrors. They were glued to the wall and we didn’t want to take a chance on breaking them. That’s 7 years of bad luck we just can’t afford.

Then we ran into a problem: the existing plumbing was in conflict with the new lighting. We had to re-route it!

We’re back on track now! The next day when we arrived we heard a new welcoming voice: a baby bird that had just left the nest! She was jib-jabbering all day. I think she wanted to tell us that she likes the new vanity (we’re gonna make you wait to see that!).

Keep it cool and way to go Hawks!

Hi all,

My daughter asked me to build her a cabinet for her bathroom. The picture she showed me was this one from Restoration Hardware:

She said I could do whatever I wanted as long as it was about this size. So I took some liberties. I’m working on the handles now; its not quite done. Here are some previews:

As you can see, we’re giving Restoration Hardware a run for their money. Definitely in quality. Maybe not so much in time to delivery.

Check back for the finished result!


We finished up the bathroom project I told you all about. I think it turned out great, because as you know, I love me some earth tones!


Two sinks, such a luxury:



I think everyone is happy with this project! To see where we came from, check out our before posts here and here.

Keep warm, everyone!

Brrrr!  We’re keeping warm by staying busy on our bathroom project. This week we installed the floor and wall tiles:

new floor tiles

I tend to gravitate toward earth tones for everything in my house (a source of constant fodder for my daughters!), so I liked this choice of color. Here’s the walls:

bathroom walls

Have a great weekend!

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