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This week we’re working on a new bath project. First we put a rubber membrane in the shower to ensure a leak-free base.

No leaks here!

Then we covered the shower walls with a concrete board:

Installing the concrete board in the shower

Our electrical hook up is complete now.

electric work for the bathroom

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday week!


This week we are working on a bathroom project. We’re installing a new tub. Here’s the framing for the tub deck:


framing the tub deck

This looks like a dog, but its actually the building inspector in a disguise. He didn’t fool us! Luckily we always have treats handy, so he was easy to please.


building inspector - he's a stickler!

In other news, we spotted a bald eagle on the windmill in Batavia! That’s good luck or something, right?!


good luck?

Take it easy!


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