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It’s that time of year when the chosen few await the arrival of their Joman calendar. Twelve months of a new way of looking at the world. This year we will be presenting only 150 numbered calendars, which are sure to increase in value as the years zip by.

From our sources, we’ve learned that these coveted calendars make excellent gifts. Relatives high on the pecking list, friends of questionable value, just about everyone will be amazed by your thoughtfulness.

Let us remind you: your generous donation goes directly to Lazarus house. All costs are absorbed by McMahon Builders so that our friends at the shelter can distribute the monies as needed. Call/email/comment on this post to order – let’s keep a good thing going!

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Hi Friends!

That’s right, the 3rd annual Joeman calendar is now available! As usual, all of the proceeds benefit Lazarus House in St. Charles. And also as usual, I guarantee that it will not disappoint. Without giving away too much, my daughter’s favorite month is October and my son-in-law likes March. You’ll have to buy the calendar if you want to end the suspense.

2010 limited edition!

Add a comment to this post or email me if you would like a calendar – I’ll send you one with an envelope for a donation to Lazarus House.


UPDATE: Our calendar sold out right away this year! Look for the Joeman calendar again next year, and get your orders in early!!!

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