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Hey readers! Hopefully everyone is enjoying the steamy weather we’ve been having in the Chicago ‘burbs. Summer is officially here and that only means one thing: deck season!

We’re working on a deck that had seen some better days. Here’s some before pictures:

You can get a good idea of the deterioration from this picture:

One big problem with the deck was that the posts were not sealed well, and you can see in this picture that water had gotten in near the posts and it cracked once it froze in the winter.

The original wood was cedar, which had become a maintenance problem since it would no longer hold paint.

Now here are some pictures of our progress! Here is the new deck, made with a composite (PVC) decking material called Timbertech. The color is consistent through to the core of the material, so it should only require an occasional scrubbing to keep looking new! (Color is Sandbridge, if you care)

And the new stairs in progress:

The new landing:

The new railing system being installed:

And now the railings are almost done!

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer on their own sturdy, low maintenance deck! (If not, call us and we’ll hook ya up)


Hope everyone is enjoying the snowy weather! We’re back with a few pictures of the finished porch project.

We finished installing the new structural posts, so now the porch is finished.

New posts- check out the ceiling!

Here’s the final picture:

done and done!

If you are just tuning in, you can check out the other blog updates on our porch reconstruction project here.

Happy shoveling!

This week we were involved in two jobs. First, we installed some ice cables for a customer. These cables automatically turn on when the temperature gets to 32 degrees. This helps clear ice and snow off the roof. There are many types of these cables sold. Do your homework and find the best cables and a qualified electrician to install them. Here’s a proper junction box:


Here are the cables on the roof:


And now an update on our porch reconstruction! We finished off the concrete portion of the porch.  Now we have to wait a week for the concrete to develop the proper strength. Then we just have to install the posts and trim!


Take care!


We’re back with more on our porch renovation!

We started to break up the concrete slab on the porch, only to find that there was no footing or gravel to support the concrete!


We also discovered an existing crack that could allow water to come in. Better to fix now than later!


Once that was taken care of we excavated for the footing and started to pour the concrete:


Below you can see the wall is complete and we are waiting to pour the slab. There are some brick repairs that need to be done before we can pour the concrete. We should be able to pour on Tuesday if the weather cooperates!


Below you can see we are getting ready to install a washer and dryer. Turns out the basement floor is out of level, so we built platforms to allow the appliances to be level.


Mission accomplished! Ready for some serious washing:


Until next time,


This week McMahon Builders tackles a porch whose floor has sunken and cracked. We will walk you through the project as it progresses.

This is the yard, we have put down plywood to protect it from the machinery:


The steel and the cribbing have arrived:


The cribbing being set in place:


The steel being put in place:


Now the supporting of the roof is complete and we await the concrete contractor!

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