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Hi readers!

Today’s adventure brings us back to the living room addition. We’re working on tying the old siding in with the new:

While we were hard at work adding siding to the south side of the house, John (seen in the first picture) noticed that one of the neighbors might be in trouble. The neighbor, an older gentleman, had fallen and his wife could not get him up. Luckily, this is exactly the kind of scenario that Batman and his team are highly trained for. The only problem: a ten foot high fence separated Batman’s team from the rescue effort. Ok, maybe it was only 3.5 feet (details!).

Robin (John) and the Green Hornet (Scott) grabbed two ladders, one for each side of the treacherous fence, so they could reach the victim. The rest was a standard rescue for these superheroes. At the request of the victim, no pictures were taken. This story is probably best left to the imagination anyway.

Here’s Scott back at work dry walling with Dick; all in a day’s work!

To the Batmobile!


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