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Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We got a new computer so we’re back up and running.

We’re hard at work on a new porch addition. Here’s the thing: there was a lovely bay window right where we needed to put our new porch. See how lovely?

Our homeowners didn’t want to part with this window, and we wouldn’t either! So part of our work is to move this window to a new location in the house. Its going right here, where the single window is:

We’ve done this plenty of times in our own home. Our neighbors probably remember this fondly. Especially since I recruited them to help me move it. Ah, good times.

Keep it real!

Done and done! Check out the finished product of the windows we told you about here. Here are the new interior windows for the office:

And the office exterior:

Bedroom interior:

Bedroom exterior:

Peace out,

Hi readers!

Remember this screen porch from last year? Well, we were asked back recently to update some windows. Take a look at our adventure:

Here we are taking the old windows out:

We found some uninvited guests!

We escorted them out stat. Don’t they know how tacky it is to show up uninvited!?
More shots of the old window being removed:

And the new windows are in! Time for trim on the inside:

And some foam insulation to ensure a draft-free winter:

Did we just say winter!? Sigh… say it ain’t so!


Well, folks, we’re happy to say that the anxiously awaited living room addition is done! Here are a couple of outside shots:

And the inside:

If you are just tuning in, you can see the shots of our progress here, here, and here!

Keep it real!

Ok, maybe not. We actually use a product called Azek. When heated, Azek can be formed to a shape. After it cools, it will maintain the shape.

We needed to bend some trim around the top of a window we installed, so we enlisted the help of our handy friend Azek. These photos show us with our make shift oven and form table. Don’t try this at home without your Ovegloves!!

Here's the trim in the "oven"

Note our super space heater powering the "oven"

After it was warmed, we took out the Azek and shaped it

Ta-da! Wood bent with our eyes! (and hands. and heat.)

I think the sun might have been able to do this on Saturday! Its so hot here!

Keep cool!

We have to interrupt our regularly scheduled blogging about the living room addition to give you an update on the bathroom we’ve been working on.

First, we have a new vanity, mirror, and sconce:

A new gold faucet:

A swanky new chandelier:

A brand new niche for a folding mirror (What, your mirrors don’t have their own niches?! We never!):

A gilded tile cap:

New tub faucet:

Aaannnnd finally….. new windows!

Told ya it was swanky!

Keep cool!

Hey friends,

Just checking back in to update you on our completed window job. Here are some interior and exterior shots:

On the second floor, we used azak trim, which will need no maintenance and will not rot:

Now let’s bring on spring so we can open these windows!!!

Well, its certainly the right time of year to get some new windows installed in your house! Here’s a project we’re working on to replace windows and doors.

As you can tell, we’re all about lookin’ good while keepin’ warm this winter. We’ll update you when the new windows are in!


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