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We were assigned the task of balancing a particular area of an open dining room. On one end of the wall was a build out which housed the heat and electric. You can see that build out on the left in the “before” picture below:

We proposed to duplicate the look on the other end of the wall. And duplicate we did!

Because we’re crafty, we made this usable space. Because we’re tricky, it is hard to detect by the naked eye! It’s a cabinet!

Now area is a nice fit for the buffet.

Hope everyone is enjoying the spring weather!


Hi friends,

When we heard about this house in Geneva that never had a door from the garage to the house, we knew we needed to help! What a travesty – especially on cold winter mornings! Enter McMahon Builders to make a service door from the house to the toasty little garage!

Here’s John working on the interior:

And here’s the garage view, complete with a new wooden step:

Almost makes us excited for winter! Almost.


Hi readers!

Remember this screen porch from last year? Well, we were asked back recently to update some windows. Take a look at our adventure:

Here we are taking the old windows out:

We found some uninvited guests!

We escorted them out stat. Don’t they know how tacky it is to show up uninvited!?
More shots of the old window being removed:

And the new windows are in! Time for trim on the inside:

And some foam insulation to ensure a draft-free winter:

Did we just say winter!? Sigh… say it ain’t so!


You get calls to fix a playground!! Its not often that we get to play on a swingset, so we knew we needed to post about this job!

One of our customers needed to fix up their old playground equipment for their grandchildren, so we swung by in the batmobile to fix it up. McMahon Builders to the rescue!


Heck, we wouldn’t let our worst enemy climb on this playground!! Check out these after pictures – a pimped out playset that is grandchild-friendly!

Happy summer!

This week we replaced a worn down countertop with a solid cherry counter. We added walnut butterflies too. A perfect complement to any eating area!

cherry counter

a real treat!


One of our customers bought a new TV, but it wouldn’t fit in their existing cabinet.

Before: too small!

We modified the existing cabinetry and had it re-painted.

Just right!

Just in time for Monday night football!

Until next time,

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