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Hi blog readers!

We’re straight-up swamped over here with classy projects!

You have all heard about our swanky bathroom project. Well, the glamor doesn’t end in the bathroom. We tackled the bar area too.

See, the cabinet above this bar wasn’t big enough to hold anything worthwhile (translation: it couldn’t hold a bottle of wine laid horizontally). So we fixed that right up by adding a few inches to the back of the cabinet and adding lattice in the inside of the cabinet for wine storage.

We installed a new granite counter top, but there was no lighting to show off the counter top’s sparkle! So we added some accent lighting underneath and above the cabinet. Now the bar area shines like studio 54.  Because we’d never settle for a dull bar (or anything, really).

Ahhh, my daughters would be proud of this bold departure from my usual earth tones. But who am I kidding, it’s not my house!

Until next time, when we’ll show off the finished bathroom!

We have to interrupt our regularly scheduled blogging about the living room addition to give you an update on the bathroom we’ve been working on.

First, we have a new vanity, mirror, and sconce:

A new gold faucet:

A swanky new chandelier:

A brand new niche for a folding mirror (What, your mirrors don’t have their own niches?! We never!):

A gilded tile cap:

New tub faucet:

Aaannnnd finally….. new windows!

Told ya it was swanky!

Keep cool!

After we spent our last post taunting Restoration Hardware, we knew we had to deliver on our bathroom cabinet. So we really stepped it up. Check it out, its in its new home:

Happy Mother’s Day!


Hi all,

My daughter asked me to build her a cabinet for her bathroom. The picture she showed me was this one from Restoration Hardware:

She said I could do whatever I wanted as long as it was about this size. So I took some liberties. I’m working on the handles now; its not quite done. Here are some previews:

As you can see, we’re giving Restoration Hardware a run for their money. Definitely in quality. Maybe not so much in time to delivery.

Check back for the finished result!


One of our customers bought a new TV, but it wouldn’t fit in their existing cabinet.

Before: too small!

We modified the existing cabinetry and had it re-painted.

Just right!

Just in time for Monday night football!

Until next time,

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